Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary field that crosses boundaries between academic disciplines and departments. It broadly examines the texts, history, languages, philosophy, literature, and culture of the Jewish people from the ancient to the modern. Courses in Jewish Studies allow students to study Judaism as it has evolved from an ancient set of shared religious practices into the pluralistic religion and culture that it is today. The study of Jewish life and culture provides an opportunity to explore the continuities and diversity of Judaism as it has been lived and practiced for over three millennia.

In January 2009 I became the founding director of Rice’s Program in Jewish Studies. Since then, my colleagues and I have built one of Rice’s most vibrant and interdisciplinary programs.

Diversity of thought is a hallmark of Jewish culture dating back to the earliest Jewish texts. We strive to follow this model in our program. The diverse and interdisciplinary nature of Rice’s Program in Jewish Studies allows undergraduates the opportunity to enrich their major fields of study with a specific focus on Judaism and Jewish culture.

The Program in Jewish Studies at Rice also forms an important bridge to the community, making use of the rich resources available in Houston, engaging with local institutions, and participating in timely public discussions. To learn more about Rice’s Program in Jewish Studies, click here.